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Occupy: Grand Strategy vs Self-Organization

Posted by nowisthetimeus on February 4, 2012

There are unprecedented global events taking place and the Occupy movement continues to evolve.

People are calling for planning of Grand Strategy.  There are disadvantages to this.

The new rules of the new context of global revolution demands that we first develop a process of adaptation to ongoing changes.  My suggestion is that a method be developed for evaluating the outcome of all proposed actions/events.  That way, whatever tactics are used, however the event progresses, the evaluative learning can be maximized to apply to future strategy.

Basically, until there are actions planned with specific goals in mind and then a measuring of how successful the action was in reaching said goal, the movement will continue going in circles.  Not that circles are bad…this kind of organizational progress can be good at creating momentum and participatory skill-building. Imagine a flock of swifts spiraling out of their roost.

The need for an evaluative approach trumps the need for a grand strategy for several reasons, the most important being that part of Occupy’s success has been due to a lack of centralized planning.  A Grand Strategy could limit self-organizing and spontaneous evolution.

Thinking more through the lens of complexity theory than chess will allow a greater flexibility of application and prevent the development of a static hierarchy that is easily disrupted.

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Occupy Seattle — The Master’s Tools Will Not Dismantle the Master’s House!

Posted by nowisthetimeus on January 12, 2012

“The master’s tools will not dismantle the master’s house.” — Audre’ Lourde, celebrated African-American poet of the 20th century

In view of The Stanger’s recent (accurately) unfavorable report about Occupy Seattle, I herewith propose a working, highly pragmatic definition of violence to be considered by the current Nonviolent and Decolonize Seattle/Diversity of Tactics factions within Occupy Seattle that may help resolve the current corrosive controversy between them:

Violence is the disproportionate use of force, whether psychic or physical, whether intrapersonal, interpersonal or institutional — to effect power over rather than power with.

By this definition, last week’s action of a the recently widowed young mother in Oklahoma who — after calmly conferring with 911 dispatchers — shot and killed one of two armed male intruders breaking into her trailer home while high on drugs to defend the lives of herself and her infant son — was less violent than the OS general assembly I attended where I saw the resolution for nonviolence voted upon in December.  Here is why:

1)  The resolution for nonviolence egregiously omitted the mention of psychic interpersonal violence, which is rampant among activist movements, obviously including Occupy Seattle.  This is a dirty little secret that most activists have heretofore been unwilling to face and deal with, both within themselves and within their movements.

     Most activists understand the reality institutional violence, or they would not be activists; however, most of them remain clueless about interpersonal emotional and verbal violence keeping them divided and ineffective, to the redounding benefit of the ruling 1%.  This not only prevents them from being the effective change they wish to see in the world, but actually perpetuates the patriarchal pyramid paradigm that they claim to decry.

2)  The OS General Assembly operates on a variation of parliamentary procedure, the same form of psychically violent win/lose group process being used by dysfunctional governmental legislative bodies in our present fraudulent system of representative democracy. The master’s tools will not dismantle the master’s house.

   The OS General Assembly therefore needs to operate using some form of nonviolent consensus/consent-based group process, not by easily manipulated, psychically/interpersonally/institutionally violent win/lose parliamentary procedure.  The OS General Assembly needs to start researching the options for such nonviolent group processs now.

3)   The abovementioned working, highly pragmatic definition does not seek to eliminate the use of physical force, but the disproportionate use of any force, whether physical or psychic.  The present use of mass mind control by the corporate-controlled media and US military black operations/CIA is an example of the disproportionate use of psychic force.

     Sometimes the proportionate use of physical force is perfectly justified and actually nonviolent, like in the recent example just cited, as well as in defensively disarming those who would do harm without using any more physical or psychic force than is necessary, whether by interpersonal/international negotiation, the extremely powerful use of the human voice (kiai) that was recently employed by the retired African-American Marine seargeant defending OWS demonstrators from assaultive members of the NYPD, or by defensive physical martial arts moves being offered by some members of the OS Diversity of Tactics group.

    I myself used all of the above in my former life as a member of an independent esoteric Christian order who helped found the network of women’s/family/homeless shelters that now exists in America to help stop interpersonal and institutional violence.

4)   Even nonviolence is the use of force; but it is psychological and moral force, as opposed to physical force, and it is ultimately more powerful than physical force because it can include and transcend it.  Those using physical or psychic violence, particularly weapons, must be far more afraid of you than you of them, or they would not be hiding behind the use of such weapons.  This includes those OS activists currently engaging in verbal and emotional abuse as a psychic bludgeon against other OS activists.

     Nonviolence acknowledges that offensive weapons are merely technologically enhanced extensions of human mental and physical capabilities, from which those who are truly self-mastered can increasingly abstain.  This is taught at the highest levels of the martial arts, which makes those in OS who are debasing their martial arts training by engaging in verbal and emotional violence against other activists all the more culpable for their actions.

5)   Members of the Decolonize Seattle/Diversity of Tactics — which, significantly, have the largest amount of diversity of OS membership — and the more homogeneous Nonviolent faction need to meet at a neutral location and talk out their differences as soon as possible.

     Those coming from the Nonviolent faction need be trained in deep listening skills and nonviolent communication.  They need to take a block of time to simply listen and ask questions of their brothers and sisters in the DS/DOT group.

     After the Nonviolence group members process what they are told, there needs to be at least a second block of time spent at a neutral location where there is a discussion about what the DS/DOT group has said, so that some sort of consensus about diversity of tactics and nonviolence can be reached.

     This is not going to happen using the win/lose process of parliamentary voting, and it is certainly not going to happen if the present level of emotional/verbal violence within Occupy Seattle continues without resolution.

6)   As has been previously stated by others, if this psychic interpersonal violence continues among the activists of Occupy Seattle, we are going are going to be responsible for driving away otherwise sympathetic parties from what could be the greatest movement for human liberation in the history of this planet. I, for one, do not want to incur such karma, and therefore hope you will consider the suggestions just made about how to avoid it.

Your sister,

Occupy Seattle Nonviolence Working Group

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Seattle council asks city to look at its investments

Posted by nowisthetimeus on November 16, 2011

The Seattle City Council on Monday unanimously adopted a resolution in support of Occupy Seattle that calls on the city to examine its banking and investment practices, home-foreclosure patterns and the financing of local elections.

By Lynn Thompson

Seattle Times staff reporter

The Seattle City Council on Monday unanimously adopted a resolution in support of Occupy Seattle that calls on the city to examine its banking and investment practices, home-foreclosure patterns and the financing of local elections.

The resolution was a grab bag of proposals meant to provide a local response to the concentration of wealth and abuses in the financial sector that the Occupy Wall Street protest and its regional offspring have called attention to in encampments and rallies around the country this fall.

“Working together, we can fix our broken economy and fix our broken social contract,” said Councilmember Nick Licata, who sponsored the legislation. He said that, at the very least, the city can make sure public funds are reinvested in the community.

Other cities, including Los Angeles, San Francisco and Buffalo, have passed resolutions in support of the Occupy protests.

The Seattle resolution did not call for a city income tax, as an earlier draft had proposed, but did call on the state Legislature to work toward a more equitable tax structure and to fully fund public education as a way to continue to provide economic opportunity. It also called on Congress to support job creation by investing in the country’s infrastructure, tightening banking regulations and allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire.

It’s not clear how much practical effect the resolution will have. The city’s finance director said very little of the city’s money is in commercial banks. The city does do business with Wells Fargo, but the bank is essentially a pass-through as the city moves money into long-term assets or pays bills, said Glen Lee, finance director.

The city does give tax breaks to a range of businesses, from church-sponsored day-care centers and nonprofit adult family homes to banks with international facilities that pay about one-third less than other businesses, Lee said.

“I look forward to examining these issues with the council,” he said.

About 60 people from the Occupy Seattle protests attended the City Council hearing and gave a standing ovation to Licata when he spoke in favor of the resolution. The protesters spoke of their personal experience, from financial hardship and homelessness to unemployment and heavy student loans.

One likened the nation’s current economic outlook to joining a game of Monopoly that’s already in progress.

“All the properties are already owned and wherever you land, you’re screwed,” said Michael Dare, who organizes the Occupy encampment at City Hall Plaza.

The council resolution, which was joined by Mayor Mike McGinn, also reflected some of the ongoing tension within the city as officials try to honor the rights of protesters to speak out and peacefully assemble as well as the work of the Seattle Police Department, which must protect public safety.

The resolution notes both the First Amendment right of activists and “the important responsibility” of the police to protect those rights “while, at the same time, appropriately enforcing City laws and regulations.”

Lynn Thompson: 206-464-8305 or On Twitter @lthompsontimes.

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Now is the time to read this blog and why

Posted by nowisthetimeus on October 11, 2011

This blog’s contributors are lifelong activists who have been active for decades.

What will be posted:

  • Tools and information for the paradigm shift at hand.

  • Proof of the criminal activities of the 1% who would quash it.

  • Authoritative sources of information.

Pages on this blog include:

Now is the Time:  A prophetic psalm describing the planetary transformation happening on this planet.

Campbell vs. United States (Sebelius):  filed on behalf of all of the peoples of the world so that they might hold their own governments accountable for the crimes that these governments have perpetrated in their names against other peoples, as well as against themselves.

Positive Subversion: Principles for the Transformation of Systems That Are Out of Time

Coming soon:

Criminal/Civil Charges Against the New World Order/Illuminati in America

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