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The Activists: An Article on the Shortsightedness and Self-Loathing of the Wealthy

Posted by nowisthetimeus on November 28, 2011

The Psychological Failure of the Financial Elites: An Article on the Shortsightedness and Self-Loathing of the Wealthy

by The Activists Publication

It may be surprising and unbelievable, but the corporate and financial elite are actually the most fearful and insecure class of people in our society. This is a direct result of their shortsightedness, their self-loathing and their lack of sophisticated intelligence as well. These champions of capitalism who tout Adam Smith’s ideas are probably the least familiar with what he really said. He would be appalled by their misrepresentation of his ideas and by what they have created in his name.

To work toward a more equal and humane world; to strive for the best interest of humanity is not to act against self-interest, but is the epitome of self-interest. But we are not talking about a Stirnerite egoism here. But a holistic self-interest in which selves are part of a greater whole in which to act in self-interest is to act for the interest of humanity. It is so simple, yet so misunderstood. What passes for self-interest, such as the greed and narcissism of the elite, is not self-interest at all, but a hatred for the self that manifests itself in a destructiveness of the environment and the enslavement of the masses.

The elite are weak-minded and only understand the dynamics of accumulation because they cannot stand to be alone with themselves. The simple equation that self-interest and human interest are not only compatible, but practically synonymous is lost on them due to their inferior intelligence, both emotional and mental. Having come from privilege, they have everything they could ever want materially, but they have no soul.

To love oneself is to love humanity and nurture it, knowing that it is the wellspring of our very existence. But the opposite is true as well, to hate humanity, is self-hatred writ large. The alienation and estrangement from others and ourselves that is produced and perpetuated by the capitalist class is a mirror image of what the individual capitalist feels. But while we can find succor in relationships and true human endeavors, these miserable people can only find relief in accumulation. But the accumulation only increases the self-hatred and isolation of the elite, which rather than internalizing in self-destruction, they turn outward into ever more harsh forms.

The fact that most of us can grasp with no difficulty whatsoever the concept that self-interest and human-interest are not only compatible, but are two sides of the same coin (sorry to use an idiom reeking of capitalist sentiment; more evidence of the insidious nature of this disease) and inseparable from the other. The elites have lost that vital interconnectedness that makes the individual part of the human family.

The gated communities in which the elite live are symbolic of their existential separateness from humanity. Their self-hatred and inability to relate to others imprisons them in.


Steve Long

Party Member #5236

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