Now Is the Time

for us rise up together, with our planet, and for truth!

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– Campbell vs. the US (Sebelius)

See case.

Although this federal case was ostensibly filed by one person against one government, that one person has filed it on behalf of all of the peoples of the world so that they might hold their own governments accountable for the crimes that these governments have perpetrated in their names against other peoples, as well as against themselves.

Although it could have been filed on a narrower legal premise that might have made it easier to win in court, it was filed so that the larger context of the secret and sinister forces that have long controlled the governments of this world being finally exposed and thereby extirpated from this planet. It was filed in such a way so as not only to be heard in a court of law, but also to be heard in the court of public opinion, to help to win the hearts and minds of the people to a greater truth; to help win on earth the cosmic war now being waged for truth, rather than in this war to win but one more isolated battle.

To those who shall say that this one person acted without good faith, due diligence or sufficient discernment, let the judgment of eternity be the final arbiter.

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